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Travelling in Comfort with Lower Back Pain

Back pain shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the finer things in life and going on holiday is no exception. Whether it’s for a family wedding, reunion or relaxation with your loved ones, there are ways to make your journey seamless and comfortable for you whilst in transit.

What you should do before you travel

Contact your airline, travel agent or tour provider

In Irish airports, the requirement is to contact your airline, travel agent or tour operator at least 48 hours before you fly to give details of your required assistance. This is important to do as your onward travel may be affected by the safety rules that your air carrier applies to the carriage of persons with reduced mobility.

Contact the airport mobility assistance provider ahead of your flight

All Irish airports supply mobility assistance to get you from the door of the terminal to your flight gate. This is generally free of charge and airport assistants do all the heavy lifting, checking-in and security for you whilst ensuring you’re on time for your flight.

The mobility assistance team can assist from the moment you park your car at the terminal at the long or short stay carparks up to your gate. If a wheelchair will aid in helping you get to your destination, this can be provided. Alternatively, a buggy car can get you around the airport with your travelling companion.

OCS provide assistance across all Irish airports.

You can call or email them to give notice of your required assistance. It’s recommended to give minimum 48 hours’ notice before your flight.

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Flying with back pain

Whether it’s a short flight to Europe or long haul to the States, it’s important to set yourself up for comfort from take-off to landing.

1. Timing is everything

When you’re booking your flight, think about the type of schedule that will be least stressful.

  • Don’t book a flight that will require you to wake up extremely early
  • Avoid long lines at check-in and security, and travel during off-peak times. Midweek tends to be less busy.
  • Get to the airport at least an extra hour earlier than recommended. Airlines recommend three hours early so give yourself four for ease of mind.
  • Be seat smart. Select and pay for your seat when booking to give yourself the best choice and comfort during your flight.

2. Move around during the flight if possible

Staying stationary for prolonged periods of time can stress the spin and increase back pain. It’s always worth checking if there is room at the back of the plane to some light stretching which can reduce stiffness.

3. Provide support to your back

There are common back companions available for passengers suffering with back pain. For lower back pain, providing support with a back roll or pillows is a good way to prevent slouching and to keep your spine straight as possible.

4. Relax and try get some rest

Whether it’s a one-hour flight or eight-hour, time may drag when you are in discomfort. Try and relax with the following distractions:

  • Get comfortable with a back or neck support whilst reclining in your seat should the seat allow and it offers you a comfortable pain free position
  • Enjoy the scenery below and clouds above if you have a window seat to let your mind drift
  • Listen to a podcast or audible book to help you ease into relaxation
  • Watch a movie on the inflight screens if it is a long haul

We hope you’ve found our flying with ease tips helpful to give you confidence to book your next holiday abroad. For help finding an adjustable bed that meets all your needs, contact the Adjustable Beds experts for a consultation.