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Sleep A Little Easier : Tax Relief & Grants For Electric Adjustable Beds

Getting an electric adjustable bed can make life easier for people with mobility problems. However the cost can sometimes make the decision to buy a lot harder. However, to make the choice a bit more comfortable, there are tax relief and grants available that can help. In Ireland, there are two types of help available for those who wish to purchase an adjustable electric bed – the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme and VAT refunds on aids and appliances used by people with disabilities.

elderly mobility issues

Mobility Aids Grant Scheme

Established to address some of the many mobility problems faced by people, the scheme is mainly for older people. However, people with disabilities can also apply. With up to €6,000 available, this grant can help towards the cost of equipment which is necessary to live comfortably. This can include access ramps, stair-lifts, grab-rails and level access showers. Crucially, electric adjustable beds are also covered.

How to qualify

To qualify for the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme, your household income must be no more than €30,000. You can detract €5,000 from your income for each minor (under 18) living in the home or for any 18-23 year old in full-time education. You also need not include any social welfare income other than job seekers benefit.

How to apply

To apply, all you have to do is download an application form from your local authority website, fill it in and send it to revenue. A list of local authority websites and their contact details is available within this list. Please note that when applying, you may require an assessment from your occupational therapist. However, if your application is successful, you will get €200 back to cover the cost of this assessment.

Tax relief for an electric adjustable bed

VAT Refunds

Refunds On Aids And Appliances Used By People With Disabilities

In Ireland, people who pay for aids and appliances that are for the exclusive use of a person with either a physical and mental disability can claim the VAT back on purchases like an electric bed.

How to qualify

To qualify for VAT refunds on electric adjustable beds, you must be a resident of Ireland with a recognised disability that requires aid to help with your daily activities. If that aid or appliance is rented, you are not eligible for a VAT refund. What’s more, if you did buy an electric adjustable bed, it must have been purchased within the last four years.

 How to apply

To apply for a VAT refund on aids and appliances like adjustable beds, simply fill in this VAT 61A form. Then attach supporting documentation like the invoice for your adjustable bed. If it was imported, the receipt for VAT paid at importation. If you bought your bed on a higher purchase, you will need to supply a copy of the agreement and the invoice. Then, simply send everything to: Central Repayments Office, Office of the Revenue Commissioners, M: TEK II Building, Armagh Road, Monaghan, Ireland.

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With up to €6,000 available under the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme and full VAT back under VAT refunds on aids and appliances used by people with disabilities, there is a lot to gain by applying. However, there is also a lot to do and understand.
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