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Mary & Colette’s Story | Adjusting to Life After A Hospital Stay

A few years ago, Colette McDonald’s mother Mary spent time in hospital due to complications with her back. When she returned home, it quickly became clear that the family needed to make some changes to accommodate Mary’s restricted movement.

Colette wanted to help her mother be comfortable and maintain her independence, especially by being able to move around her home. She suspected an adjustable bed could help and went online to research her options.

Looking for a solution to help her mother to get in and out of bed on her own, Colette found multiple adjustable bed retailers. However, Colette also wanted a bed that was comfortable and supportive of her mother’s back and would fit into Mary’s bedroom without looking out of place.

That’s when she found The Natural Sleep Company, the Irish family-run mattress manufacturer who specialise in adjustable beds, and requested the catalogue.

Colette was delighted to discover that rather than a variation of a hospital bed, the adjustable beds by Natural Sleep offer high-quality, handmade mattresses that prioritise physical health, comfort and support.

A wide variety of frame materials, styles and colours to choose from ensuring the bed would suit Mary’s existing décor, and the fact that Natural Sleep uses only the most robust motors and parts in their adjustable beds helped reassure Colette that the bed would work as expected and last for years.

When Colette called The Natural Sleep Company, she knew what she wanted but was concerned about timing. Her mother needed the bed as soon as possible, but other retailers had quoted lead times of up to a few months.

Being a family-run business who manufacture their mattresses and beds themselves in Limerick, however, Natural Sleep could promise delivery within weeks.

“The Natural Sleep Company were excellent to deal with,” Colette says. “They were very knowledgeable and helpful right from the start. They understood exactly what we needed and why it was important.”

Mary’s family selected a king size electric adjustable bed in cream leather that was a perfect match for her bedroom. The handmade mattresses offer excellent orthopaedic support, with a softer side and a firmer side letting the family customise the bed even more and ensure Mary is as comfortable as she can be.
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“We saw the benefit straight away,” Colette says. “When a person is having trouble getting out of bed or sitting up in bed, it’s hard. Now we press a button and she’s sitting up with no problem. It makes a big difference every day, multiple times a day.”

Now Mary is able to get in and out of bed on her own without trouble, all with the touch of a button on the handset. She can raise the head of the bed to watch television or read, or elevate just her legs for additional relief.

“One aspect that’s really nice is that another person can lie in the bed with her,” Colette says. “It’s split in two, and either side can be raised depending on who’s in it. And the mattress is really comfortable, so it’s not a sacrifice for someone else to sleep on it.”

Colette is quick to credit the adjustable bed from Natural Sleep with helping her mother be comfortable and retain a greater level of independence in her home. She has even recommended adjustable beds from Natural Sleep to family and friends with similar needs.

By delivering unmatched comfort, reliable function and superior service, The Adjustable Beds Specialists helped Mary, Colette and the rest of the McDonald family sleep easier.