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Liz & Gerald O’Brien | Why We Went For An Adjustable Bed

An opportunity to remodel their bedroom let Liz and Gerald improve their sleep with an adjustable bed.

While adding an extension and new bedroom to their house last year, Liz and Gerald decided their 12-year-old bed needed an update too. A firm believer in supportive beds, Liz felt it was important to invest in a good-quality bed and mattress.

Gerald has suffered back pain for several years and wanted to look into an adjustable bed to make both sleeping and reading in bed more comfortable.

While researching options online, Gerald found The Natural Sleep Company and was both surprised and delighted to discover an Irish supplier.

Electric beds

Liz arranged a meeting, and the couple soon found themselves testing and discussing options with James in The Natural Sleep Company showroom in Ballylanders, Co. Limerick.

As Ireland’s sleep specialists, The Natural Sleep Company provides a range of health-focused options for their regular and adjustble beds. Liz and Gerald got to experience the Healthy Option and Natural Latex mattresses as James explained the specific benefits of each.

They viewed options for fabric, leather or wooden beds, with multiple choices that would fit perfectly into their newly decorated bedroom.

Viewing their new bed as a significant long-term investment, Liz and Gerald appreciated the opportunity to see and test out the adjustable bed options—and it wasn’t long before they made up their minds.

Adjustable electric bed

Their six-foot Queen Maeve adjustable bed was delivered last year, and from the first night, the bed has exceeded their expectations. While Gerald knew he would appreciate the adjustability, Liz didn’t expect to alter her side much, but now she enjoys the bed’s flexibility as much as her husband.

She was also delighted to find side lockers that match the bed design perfectly with little effort.

Very happy with their choice of the latex mattress, both Liz and Gerald report greater comfort sleeping, improved body temperature at night and less of the back and hip pain they had experienced before getting the adjustable bed.

“After spending a night away, we can’t wait to get home to sleep in our own bed,” Liz says. “It’s much more supportive and comfortable than other beds.”

“Although the mattress is firm, it gives just the right amount of support,” she continues. “It’s firm but it gives with you.”

Liz and Gerald cannot praise the Queen Maeve adjustable bed and latex mattress enough. It has enhanced everything from their comfort and sleep experience to the look of their new room. “Friends have even admitted they’re jealous of our beautiful bed!” Liz says.

She’s happy to tell everyone where they can get their own Queen Maeve and recommends an adjustable bed to anyone looking for better sleep and comfort.

To learn more about the benefits of an electric adjustable bed check out our blog or contact the adjustable beds experts.