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How to prepare your home for your return from surgery

If you or someone you know or love has just had surgery, then you’ll both have a lot on your mind already. One thing that is often forgotten is preparing the home for the patient’s return. To remove some stress from the situation, we’ve created a simple guide to help you get settled.

 1. Consider the extra comfort that comes from an electric adjustable bed

An electric bed is perfect for post-surgery patients who may very well need a level of comfort and mobility similar to that offered by a hospital bed. Electric adjustable beds are useful for those needing help sitting up, lying down, staying in bed or those having difficulty moving, turning or getting in or out of bed as a result of their surgery.

In non-essential situations, electric beds can greatly improve the quality of sleep – an essential part of post-surgical recovery – especially if you consider putting one into a temporary/permanent ground floor bedroom. Electric adjustable beds help the patient greatly improve their:

  • Elevation
  • Circulation
  • Independence
  • Breathing

2. Minimise the risks of bathroom visits

Anyone who has had surgery may have trouble making it to and from the bathroom. However, the trickiest part can actually be the time spent in the bathroom. To make it easier for the recovering paitent, consider installing safety bars (towel rails will NOT support their weight) to help them get in and out of the tub, up and down from the toilet or in and out of the shower.

To prevent falls, install non-slip suction mats or rubber silicone decals in the bath or shower, a non-skid bath mat outside the bath or shower and make sure to keep the entire bathroom floor dry to prevent falls.

Another simple way to reduce the chances of a post-surgical patient slipping in the shower is to place a chair in the shower and ensure to keep everything like shampoo and soap within easier reaching distance.

Finally, consider purchasing an elevated seat for your toilet or even a commode chair instead of a toilet. All these features should greatly improve their experiences in the bathroom and more importantly, their safety.

3. Make the most of mealtime

Keeping your strength up after surgery is absolutely crucial. However, the kitchen needs to be organised correctly for someone who is not fully up to strength.

To make it easier for them, simply stock up on things like frozen food, canned goods, milk and any other items that they can easier prepare and consume. For instance, single meals and microwaveable food are a great way to reduce the amount of work a post-surgical patient has to do to feed themselves.

When you have all that bought, make sure it’s all within easy reaching distance (between shoulder and waist level) for the person using them, so there is no need for reaching, balancing or bending down to get them. The same goes for plates, glasses, dishes, cutlery and condiments.

4. Other things to watch out for 

The stairs

If the post-surgical patient needs to go up and down the stairs each morning and evening, ensure the hand-railings are solid and well secure and can support their weight.

Don’t forget to consider the state of the carpet on the stairs. Is it too worn, slippery or, worst of all, raised in any area over which a shoe could catch? You should also examine how well lit the stairway and landing is.

Falls can be fatal

However large or small their surgery may have been, any sort of fall in the home could be fatal. Ensure to tidy away or completely remove any clutter or exposed cables that could cause trips to occur.

Keep the place well lit

This is important whether someone is just out of the hospital or not but it is especially important to keep places like the route from the bedroom to the bathroom well lit for those recuperating from a surgical procedure.

Plugin night-lights are a simple, inexpensive accessories that are available in most good home-improvement stores. You simply plug them in and they turn on automatically at night as darkness descends on your home.

Who are you gonna call?

The first week after coming home from surgery is the most important and often the most difficult to manage. As a result, the patient must not be left on their own if at all possible.

Organise for friends or family members to take it in turns to stay with the post-surgical patient to ensure they stay safe, comfortable, well-fed and well-rested.

Don’t forget the little things… or ones.

Little things like paying bills can often go unnoticed with everything else going on. Ensure that all upcoming and outstanding bills have been looked after so that the patient can concentrate on getting better.

And don’t forget about any pets they may have who will also need tending to. Ensure there is plenty of pet food in the house or simply make arrangements for them to be taken into care for the duration of their owner’s recovery period.

In summary…

Someone coming home after surgery will have a lot to think about. Their comfort and peace of mind are crucial to their recovery. Food, assistance tools and someone to look after them are all important elements.

However, one of the best tonics is simply a good night’s sleep. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment with an electric adjustable bed is crucial. Luckily, there is a lot of help at hand from the experts from the Adjustable Beds specialists. Call Maryrose or James today on 062 46900.