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How To Cope With Mobility Loss Related To Ageing

As we age, our muscles begin to shrink and lose their elasticity. This can lead to us becoming less active than we once were.

Humans now live longer than they have at any point in history, making it vital to focus on improved quality of life for the elderly. The effects of ageing on the muscles tend to result in a loss of mobility and independence for the elderly. The following guide outlines how you can help someone close to you with limited mobility. To help them regain and maintain their independence as they grow older.

Installing Handrails

Falling is one of the most frequent causes of injury to elderly people. Most falls happen within the household, and the results are often severe, with hospitalizations for fractured bones being a common occurrence in emergency rooms.

A simple but effective way to improve a senior person’s sense of independence and ensure they can navigate safely around the home is to install handrails at important places like staircases and bathrooms.

Electric Adjustable Beds

The inevitable slowdown in activity as we age can cause issues to arise with circulation, mobility, and breathing. Elevating the legs while sleeping helps to improve circulation by bringing blood back to the heart more effectively. Better circulation while sleeping translates into freer movement during waking hours.

Electric beds achieve improved circulation by changing a person’s position in the bed with a minimal amount of effort.

Blood clots are a source of morbidity in the elderly, and it’s important to protect against them. Regularly changing position while sleeping is a very effective way to encourage blood flow throughout the body and thus prevent the formation of clots.

Additionally, The British Journal of Nursing recently published a study showing that electric adjustable beds helped prevent the development of bedsores and pressure sores in the elderly.

Electric Adjustable Bed

People with respiratory issues often find it painful or difficult to breathe. Electric beds comfortably raise the user’s head, neck, and chest, which caters for clearer airways and more comfortable breathing. Adjustable electric beds also reduce the effects of gravity on the airways by keeping the tissues of the throat further apart than if the user lies horizontally.

Reduced mobility as we age often makes getting in and out of bed a struggle.  An electric adjustable bed makes it easier to get in and out of the bed. In addition, electric adjustable beds improve a user’s quality of life by simplifying things we might take for granted such as sitting up in bed to read a good book or drink some water.

Adjustable beds particularly benefit people who suffer from arthritis or decreased mobility.

For some more information on electric beds, download the adjustable bed’s brochure or read some of our client stories. You might also be interested in finding out about the grants and tax reliefs available in Ireland for elderly people who need electric adjustable beds.

Elderly exercise, mobility,

Physical Activity

Exercise is possibly the last thing an older person with reduced mobility feels like doing, but it can play an important role in improving their quality of life. Exercise strengthens the muscles, maintains flexibility, and improves both bone strength and energy levels.

The types of exercise that can improve mobility are a range of motion exercises, strengthening exercises, stretching, and aerobic exercises. It’s important to consult a doctor before starting any new exercise routine, though.

This article covers eight great exercises for older adults that don’t require any equipment. Anyone suffering from severely reduced mobility, particularly those with conditions such as arthritis, can benefit from our own exercise guides. Elder Gym also has a great resource on stretching and flexibility training for seniors.

Wearable Safety Devices

Technology has changed almost every aspect of life, and that includes growing older. Wearable smart devices that track everything from sleep to hydration, and alert buttons that fit comfortably around the neck in case an elderly person close to you gets into difficulty, have transformed growing older by adding more convenience to people’s lives. has written a helpful post on the top technology devices for the elderly.

Even though the reduced quality of life is a source of concern for seniors, there are many ways to help someone who is losing mobility and their independence due to the effects of ageing. In summary, some of the best measures to help regain and maintain independence for older people are:

Electric adjustable beds to improve circulation during sleep and allow freer movement in the daytime.

Physical activity to strengthen muscles, maintain flexibility, and improve energy levels.

Handrails help to safeguard against falls.

Wearable safety devices provide convenience that allows older people to stay safe while maintaining a sense of independence.

Download our electric adjustable bed’s brochure here or call Maryrose for more information about electric beds on 062-46900.