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3 Ways Adjustable Beds Can Relieve Arthritis

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for good health. This can be a little more difficult to achieve when you suffer from arthritis. In fact,  studies have shown that 33% of people with arthritis have their rest disrupted by their condition at least three times a week.

Without sleep the symptoms of arthritis will worsen, causing more pain and interrupting your sleep even further. However, there is a way to relieve your symptoms enough to get a good night’s rest!

Adjustable beds are proven to provide relief from arthritis while you sleep. To prove it we’ve shared three ways they can help alleviate your pain.

Comfortable, peaceful sleeping position

1. Finding the right sleep position

Arthritis makes it incredibly difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Propping up sore joints with a pillow can help, but since we toss and turn in our sleep, the pillow will eventually need to be adjusted to maintain the relief.

This requires us to wake during the night, resulting in a poor night’s sleep. Since getting a good rest is essential for improving the symptoms of arthritis. This ends up contributing to further pain and making it even harder to get the sleep you deserve.

Fortunately, electric adjustable beds offer a far more secure way to find the right sleeping position and relieve arthritis pain. Raising the different sections of the bed supports your affected limbs as needed, allowing you to find a way to rest comfortably.

As the sections can be moved easily with remote control. If you need to change your position during the night you can let the bed do all the work! All you’ll need to do is change the settings on the controls until you feel comfortable.

Sleep, even weight

2. Distribute weight evenly

We need to distribute our weight evenly along all of our body’s pressure points to ger a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, we wake up with cricks in our necks, pains in our back and a feeling of overall stiffness. Since our mattresses and sleeping positions affect how our weight is distributed, our beds have a big impact on our rest.

As a result, it’s incredibly important we choose the right one for our sleep needs. This is particularly important for people suffering from arthritis. Uneven weight distribution puts even more strain on affected joints and makes it hard to sleep soundly.

Electric beds help to distribute a sleeper’s weight evenly throughout the night in a range of ways. For one, the moveable sections of the bed let you choose the most comfortable position, and the mattresses are specifically created from supportive materials, like latex or memory foam, in order to work with them.

They complement the adjustable beds by adapting to your body’s natural curves and helping weight to be distributed evenly across all of your body’s pressure points. This prevents undue pressure being placed on arthritic joints and vastly improves your comfort while sleeping.

Elderly Woman, Sleep, Arthritis

3. Improve blood flow

Improving circulation is proven to relieve symptoms of arthritis in a number of ways. Most importantly, increasing the blood flow to the affected areas of your body helps to decrease the inflammation surrounding the joints.

It also helps to relax tight muscles, which is vital as these can cause further joint strain. Furthermore, it works to eliminate waste products like lactic acid from the area. As lactic acid contributes to feelings of stiffness and soreness in the joints, improving circulation can drastically improve your arthritis symptoms.

Electric adjustable beds help to increase circulation by allowing you to change position easily throughout the night. Perhaps even more importantly, they also come with a fantastic massage feature. This is a built-in option for most quality adjustable beds and helps to stimulate blood flow to your affected joints.

It can be used on a low setting throughout the night, to help you relax for 20 minutes before sleeping, or even to relieve stiffness before getting out of bed in the morning. This also works to soothe tight muscles, which further improves arthritis symptoms.

For more information on how electric beds will help you achieve a better night’s sleep, or for advice on purchasing an adjustable bed, contact our expert team at the Natural Sleep Company today! We have decades of experience in the sleep industry and want to use it to make sure you get the best rest possible.