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3 Amazing Apps to Aid Living with Mobility Issues

Mobility issues affect a large portion of the population, resulting from a range of conditions, such as arthritis, visual impairment and osteoporosis. We aim to aid you in living with these issues and have compiled a list of our favourite helpful apps below, sharing options compatible with both Android & iPhone.

Dictation Apps

Often people with mobility issues which affect their joints will find it difficult to type out long text messages or emails. This can be particularly difficult as devices continue to be slim-lined and keypads become smaller.

However, dictation apps can help you compose text messages or emails without unnecessary strain on your body. Our favourite Android dictation app, Dragon Mobile Assistant is available free on the Google Play Store. This mobility app converts your voice to text, with minimal typing necessary.

The app begins upon hearing an activation phrase that you will set, for example, ‘open sesame’, and then awaits your commands. Through this app, you can send texts, schedule events, update your Facebook & Twitter statuses and search the internet, without typing a single word.

An alternative application is Siri, an application available on all iPhones since the 4S model. To use this functionality, simply hold down the Home button and tap the microphone to start a dialogue. You can use Siri to send messages, schedule your calendar, search the web and play your music, among other features.

Visual Aid Apps

Often mobility issues can be caused by poor eyesight. Being unable to read signs, menus and labels while trying to navigate a social situation not only affects your mobility, it can also damage your confidence.

Luckily, your smartphone provides a simple solution to carrying a magnifying glass. If you have an iPhone 4 or higher, consider checking out EyeReader. This app is available on iTunes for only €1.79. It uses your camera to magnify texts or objects in front of your phone.

It lights them up with the LED light, which you may brighten or dim depending upon your surroundings, helping you to read in low light areas. Additionally, the EyeReader app allows you to zoom by swiping your fingers across the screen.

As the app is using your smartphone camera, you are also able to snap a picture of the text and save it to your phone for later perusal.

A similar application, Smart Magnifier, is available for free on the Google Play Store. This app also uses your LED light and camera, allowing you to zoom, take a screenshot, rotate your screen and autofocus.

Arthritis Apps

Arthritis is one of the biggest causes of mobility issues. RheumaTrack, available free on the Google Play Store and on iTunes, aids those living with the condition by giving you a platform on which to track your daily activities, medication, stiffness and pain levels.

This app allows you to see correlations between your daily activities and your pain and thus tailor your medication and movements. It also gives you a record to show any health care professionals who you may see regarding your condition.

We hope you’ve found an app to help with your everyday life. If you have any other favourite apps, please share them with others in the comments below. For more posts on living with mobility issues check out our previous blog posts!